Q: Why is the number of contacts in my NamasteLight account different from the number in MINDBODY?

A: NamasteLight is only given permission by MINDBODY to sync one list: the newsletters and promotions list. The reason for this is that technically you are only allowed to email users who have opted in to promotions, and if they have not opted in you are not allowed to email them. 

Q: I used to manually export my users from MINDBODY into another email program, and now that I'm using the auto-sync with NamasteLight the number of users I am emailing has changed. What happened?

A: We find that many of our users were actually exporting an incorrect list from MINDBODY into their old email program. If you were exporting all users and sending them newsletters via a manual export, you are sending emails to users who have not opted in. It's very important to only email users who have opted in, because otherwise you're going to annoy your customers! No one likes to get emails they didn't ask for.

With NamasteLight, we only sync the users who have opted in to your emails. So you may notice that the number of users you are emailing has changed. 

Q: Can I sync MINDBODY contacts into multiple groups?

A: Currently you can only sync MINDBODY contacts into one group. But within this group you can create segments like "new students" and "members" to email these types of customers separately.

Q: Can I sync MINDBODY and NamasteLight more often than once a day?

A: This is not currently supported.

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