When a student decides to purchase one of your Namastream products, you'll need to have a payment processor in place in order for the money to transfer from the student's credit card to your bank account.

Namastream integrates with both Stripe and PayPal and you'll need to choose one of them. To help you decide which processor is best for you, take a look at the article below that compares the two processors. 

Attention Studio Owners: If you are a studio and plan on using coupons to give studio members access to your online product, we strongly suggest you choose Stripe. In the event of a student churning, Stripe WILL allow you to stop the subscription from within Namastream. PayPal WILL NOT allow students or teachers to stop subscriptions in third-party apps like Namastream. The teacher or student would need to login to their PayPal account to stop it.

Choosing Your Payment Processor

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