Usually, students create their account during the checkout process of their first purchase from your Hey Marvelous site.

This feature allows you to manually add a person to your Hey Marvelous site who doesn't have an account yet. This is very helpful when you're a new studio or when someone purchases something from you offline. This also helps people who might have difficulty in creating an account.

  1. Click Customers on the left-hand side, then Add new customer on the top right side.

  2. Fill in their name and email address and then click Confirm.

  3. The new student will appear in your customer list. Now is a good time to add any products or ClassCard redemptions you want them to have when they arrive (optional).

  4. Your student or client will then receive an email like this.

  5. The email will contain a link that will bring them to your studio to complete the account creation. The content of this email is not yet customizable, but will be soon.

    5. They need to fill in the password as well as agree to the terms and conditions to continue.

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