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  • "Cards" are the white squares holding a short note each.

  • "Swarm of Ideas" is the default view in Napkin. All cards are arranged based on their relations to each other. This allows inspirational recombination of ideas.

  • "Stacks" are collections of cards. The cards can be arranged in their linear order and exported via the clipboard.

  • "Magic Labeling" is automatic tagging based on natural language processing algorithms.

  • "Moments" are guided tours through your Swarm of Ideas.


1 Minute Demo

Stills (.png)

"Swarm of Ideas"


"Napkin Founder David Felsmann & Fabian Wittel" (.jpeg)

"Logo" Black and White

Motion (.gif)

"Swarm of Thought"


"Magic Labeling"

"Napkin Collect - Preview"

Motion (Youtube)

"Swarm of Thought"


"Magic Labeling"

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