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Napkin Beta Affiliate Program
Napkin Beta Affiliate Program

Do you want to spread the word about Napkin? Apply for our affiliate program!

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Our company is self-funded. We don't do traditional marketing and rely entirely on word of mouth. We are still at the beginning of a long journey and look for passionate and enthusiastic beta testers who go on the journey together with us.

Please reach out and let us know where you are going to mention the Napkin.

The Napkin Story

Curious minds are meant to blossom in the information age.

Instead, many of us are overwhelmed, distracted, and stressed out.

Social media, emails, notifications… there’s so much noise!

We know this feeling all too well. We tried every way to organize our ideas. But instead of feeling more inspired, we felt we had an extra job to do.

Napkin helps you reflect on what matters most and makes thinking easier.

We designed a space based on cognitive psychology: Beauty leads to calm; simplicity to focus; and connections lead to deeper understanding.

Save your good ideas in Napkin – it's that simple. No need to organize; Napkin will bring them back when you need them.

Make inspiration a habit by treating our mind to a fresh remix of saved ideas instead of getting lost in social media.

Join thousands of pioneers exploring this new way of thinking with Napkin's free 30-day trial.

Free your cluttered mind to live an inspired life.

Example Publication

Demo Account

An empty note app isn't fun. And filling it takes some time. Nobody can find hundreds of great ideas in a hurry. At least not without Napkin. 😉

We are happy to provide access to a pre-filled demo account.

Media Kit

Napkin Youtube Channel incl. how-to's and reviews.

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