New highlights - made after the connection to Napkin - appear in the Review collected thoughts Moment.

Older highlights can be pulled in batches of (currently) 10 highlights. They are automatically tagged like you are used to from collecting thoughts.

How to use it - Step by Step

New highlights will show up in your inbox. 📥

Whether the highlights are new or you made them before establishing the connection to Napkin - you can reflect on them in a Moment (think of a playlist of thoughts): Walk through them step by step and see the connected notes that Napkin came up with in the surrounding. ✨

Of course, you can edit the tags. With each edit, Napkin learns how you tick and improves the tag suggestions for the following thoughts. 🪄

Looking for inspiration? Thinking about a specific topic? Having a decision to make? Explore your thoughts freely or browse them by topic. The source is always only one click away. 🔮

Drop them to the Stacks on the right if you want to collect ideas and bring them in order for your next article or Twitter thread. From there, you can export with one click to any text editor. ✍️

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