Readwise Connection
Connect Readwise with Napkin and browse your highlights automatically connected.
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Readwise is a third-party service. If you use Readwise to collect highlights or did so previously, we got you covered. Napkin can import and connect your Readwise highlights.

In the current version of Napkin, the Readwise connection comes in two modes. In the first mode, you pull the highlights one-by-one. Same way as if they were in your inbox, after clipping them with the Napkin web clipper or Napkin Collect app. Press the R button and pull one highlight after the other with the arrow keys or buttons.

In the second mode, Napkin automatically pulls, analyzes, and connects 50 highlights per day. If you want to review the magic tags that Napkin attached, or if you're going to edit the contents, you can press the R button and skip through the latest unseen imports with the arrow keys.

๐Ÿ’ก In case you are on the one-by-one version and would like to switch, please reach out to or let us know via the chat in the app.

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