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Readwise Connection

Connect Readwise with Napkin and browse your highlights automatically connected.

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Readwise is a third-party service. If you use Readwise to collect highlights or did so previously, we got you covered. Napkin can import and connect your Readwise highlights.

In the current version of Napkin, the Readwise connection comes in two modes. In the first mode, you pull the highlights one-by-one. Same way as if they were in your inbox, after clipping them with the Napkin web clipper or Napkin Collect app. Press the R button and pull one highlight after the other with the arrow keys or buttons.

In the second mode, Napkin automatically pulls, analyzes, and connects 50 highlights per day. If you take more thank 50 a day, the highlights are queued and processed in the order they have been taken.

๐Ÿ’ก In case you are on the one-by-one version and would like to switch, please reach out to or let us know via the chat in the app.


Napkin learns how you like ideas to be tagged. Simply remove meaningless magic tags with one click.

Of course, you can add tags manually. Napkin will consider adding this tag from then on. Simply click Add tags and search for the tag you want to add. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts and press t to add tags, enter to select one, and cmd + enter to end the editing.


Whenever you come across a highlight you don't want to have in Napkin, send it to the archive by pressing the ... and then the archive button. This works even quicker by pressing shift a on your keyboard.


Do you want to see the full context? No worries, Napkin has the source link ready for you. Go to the second tab on an idea (Source links), and with the click of one button, the original text opens in a new browser tab. If your highlights come from Kindle, Napkin opens your Kindle app, and the highlighted book is opened on just the right page.


Curious about which imported highlights you haven't seen yet? Press the R-button, and the latest unseen imports are shown one by one in the center of the screen. You can jump edit them as described above and jump from one to the next one with the arrows in the button or on your keyboard.

We hope you have an inspiring time browsing your highlights by topic and growing your well of wisdom in Napkin.

Please keep in mind that Napkin is still in beta. We need your feedback to improve it. In case something doesn't go your way, or you have a good idea for improving it, let us know via email or the chat on the bottom left in the app.

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