Have a manager that you want to post coupons and loyalty cards for you, or a social media guy that you want to make posts? You can easily create accounts for them, right from the merchant app.

First, press button at the top left of the home screen to open the side menu. Then press "Employees."

This screen shows a list of all the employee accounts you have created.

Press the + plus icon in the top right of the screen to add a new employee.

Enter the employee's first and last name, their email address, and select a location (most of the time, you'll only have one location here). When you're done, press "Add".

Now, you'll want to give your employee access to the app. Simply press "Make Admin" next to their name. 

Your employee will receive an email with a temporary password and passcode. They'll use it to log into the Native Merchant app the same way you did.

When your employee logs in, they will be prompted to change their password. Once they do, they're ready to go. 

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