With Native, sending out coupons couldn't be easier or more powerful. It's simple to narrow down who you're sending them to so that you get the most bang for your buck. 

First, select the Deals tab from the bottom of the screen on your Native Merchant App.

This will bring up a list of all the coupons and loyalty cards for your business that are currently active. 

Simply Press "Create New Coupon"

Here's the fun part. There's all kinds of cool stuff you can do on this screen to get your coupon absolutely perfect. 

Coupon Details

Title: This is the name of your coupon. It's best to keep it simple here.

Details: This is where you get more in depth. If you've got fine print, put it here.

Start On: This is when your coupon goes out. Most businesses start it immediately, but you can schedule one for the future too if you want. 

Expiration: This is when your coupon expires.

Budget and Max Redemptions: With Native, you don't pay a cent if a coupon isn't redeemed. Here, you can either decide the maximum you want to spend, or the maximum number of customers you want to be able to redeem this coupon.

Target Demographic

Age: Here you can send the coupon only to a certain age group or send it to all ages. 

Gender: You can send your coupon only to men or women, or to all. 

Type: Here you can send the coupon only to customers that already follow you or to those that don't (yet). Or, you can send it to both. 

Zip Code and Radius: Want to get really specific? You can send your coupon only to people in specific ZIP Codes, or in a radius around them. 

Visits ("Users Who" and "Visited in the Last"): Here, we use the check-ins from your business to allow you to, for example, send only to users that haven't been in your store in the last 30 days, or to say "Thanks for visiting!"  by sending a coupon to users that checked-in at your business in the last 10 days. 

The Magic really happens when you mix and match from the above attributes. Again, you don't pay unless your coupon is redeemed, so feel free to play around!

Once you're happy with your coupon, just press "Submit". That's all there is to it. 

If you accidentally submit before you're ready, or you need to change something, we've got you covered. Just press remove on the Deals page. 

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