If your customer forgets their password to the Native Rewards App, No worries, It's simple to reset. 

Just have them open the app, they should already be on the sign-in page if they're not signed in. Have them enter the email address they signed up with in the email box and click the forgot password button pictured below.

Now just have them click the "Request Password Reset" button to confirm. 

They should get a confirmation that help is on the way. If not, they might have made a typo when entering their email, or signed up with a different email address. 

In just a few seconds, they should receive an email from noreply@choosenative.com with a temporary password.

Now all they need to do is go back to the Native Rewards App and sign in using their email and their new temporary password. 

After they sign in, they'll just need to create a new password and tap on "Save Changes."

They should get a Success message. Now just tap the "OK" button and they'll be signed in and returned to the home screen. 

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