What is Native?

Native is a matchmaker that connects shoppers with merchants around them that offer the products and services they're seeking...we then Reward those shoppers with coupons, loyalty cards, and weekly giveaways ($$$) through the Native Rewards app.

How do I download the Native Rewards app?

Just search for "Native Rewards" in the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android or simply click HERE

How much does it cost to download the Native Rewards app?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Niente. The Native Rewards app is free to download and always will be.

Where can I use the Native Rewards app?

The Native Rewards app is currently available in DeKalb and Jackson County. We currently have 60+ businesses on the Native Rewards app and are adding new businesses every week.

Why does my friend have a Loyalty Card on her Native Rewards app, but I don't?

When you "follow" a business on the Native Rewards app, that businesses Loyalty Card will automatically be placed with your other loyalty cards in the sidebar.

How do I use my Native Rewards app?

Just click the Native logo at the bottom of your toolbar on your app and your personal QR code will appear. When you make a purchase at a Native Merchant they will scan your QR code. It's that simple.

What is Native Fortune?

Each week we give away hundreds of dollars in DeKalb and Jackson County through the Native Fortune. Each time you shop locally at a Native Merchant, tell them you have the Native Rewards app and they will scan your barcode that is presented in the Native Rewards app or you can simply check-in and scan your barcode with the kiosk (at participating locations). Each scan gives you a entry to win our weekly drawing of the Native Fortune. The more you shop with Native Merchants, the more chances you have to win.

How will I know if I've won the Native Fortune drawing?

If you win, you'll receive a push notification and a message from a Native team member the next time you open the Native Rewards app.

Where can I spend my Native Fortune if I win?

You can spend your Native Fortune winnings at any of the merchants in the Native Network.

What are the Rules for the Native Fortune Giveaways?

Users will earn an entry each time they shop at a participating Native Merchant. The merchant will need to scan the customer barcode that is presented in the app or the customer can check-in and scan their barcode with the kiosk (at participating locations). On a particular date, a random entry will be selected as the winner. The user that has the winning number will earn a certain amount of "shopping credit". This credit must be used at participating Native Merchants.

I'm interested in becoming a Native Merchant. Who do I talk to?

For more information, contact Ryan Tramel at any time, night or day...Ryan doesn't sleep. ryan@choosenative.com or (256) 717-7311

How much does it cost to be a Native Merchant?

Our packages start as low as $49 per month. Less than the cost of a black and white, average sized ad in a newspaper that runs for one day. Seriously.

* Apple, Inc, (“Apple”) is not a sponsor of Native Rewards, nor do they endorse this service or sponsor any prize redemptions.

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