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Brand Settings

In this article we will learn how to set your brand settings on Nector

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Visit the Branding Options Page on your nector dashboard

Setting Your Brand Colors

Switch to the "Colors & More" tab on this page. Here, you can set your brand colors.

Background color: This must be your brand color. This color will be for various things like the color of the widget, buttons, review ratings, etc.

Text Color: Choose an appropriate light or dark color based on your brand color. For example, if your brand color is dark, then choose a light color as text color and vice versa.

If you are using Nector reviews and want to set different color for the reviews than your brand color, set the "Reviews: Background color" and the "Reviews: Text color".

Setting the Coin Name & Program Name

Switch to the "Coin & Program Name" tab on this page. Here, you can change the name of your coins/points and your loyalty program name.

Changing the Font

Switch to the "Font" tab on this page. Here, you can change the font that is used across various Nector widgets & pages.

Select the appropriate font by clicking on the "Font Style" dropdown.

Setting a custom font

If your font isn't listed in the predefined list of fonts, select the "Font Style" as custom. You will get the option to add a custom font name and link. See below image for reference.

The font name should be the exact name of the font (case-sensitive).

The font link should point to a css file that loads the font. If you are using a service like Google fonts, then you can readily use the link provided on Google fonts here.

To use a font from Google fonts:

  • Select your desired font on google fonts & add the required font weights by click on the "plus" icon.

  • In the right side popup that appears, first copy the exact font name shown and paste it on nector dashboard

  • Next, select the link of the font and paste it in the nector dashboard. See the below image for reference.

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