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Add Header Embed On Shopify
Add Header Embed On Shopify

In this article we learn how to add the header embed on a shopify store

Updated over a week ago

For the header embed to work, make sure the rewards widget is added to your website (irrespective of whether the widget is shown or hidden).

Follow the below steps to add the header embed to your Shopify store.

1. Getting the code snippet on nector dashboard

  • Login to your nector dashboard.

  • Go the Account Embed page under On-Site Displays.

  • Switch to the "Header Embed" tab.

  • Scroll to the "Code Snippet" section.

  • Copy the code by clicking on the copy button. See below image for reference.

2. Adding the code snippet on shopify

  • Open your shopify dashboard

  • Go to "Online Store" under "Sales Channels"

  • Click on "Edit Code" for the current live theme. See the below image for reference.

The exact file to open and where to place the code snippet will change from theme to theme. The below steps are assumed for "Dawn" theme. If this doesn't work for you, please contact nector support via live chat on the dashboard or mail us at

  • Search for "header.liquid" and open the file.

  • Paste the code snippet as shown in the image below.

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