Our vendors will only charge tax if they are located in the same state as the shipping address you have listed on your account, with a few exceptions.

Feel free to check out our Vendors page to find out where each of our vendors are located and other vendor specific policies.

Here are a few of our most popular vendors and the states they will charge tax in:

Ace Dental - Florida

Avant Dental - Florida

Bisco Dental - Illinois

Brite Sources - Texas

Carolina Dental - North Carolina

Certified Dental - New Jersey

DDI Supply - Iowa

Dental Connection - North Carolina

Dental Mart Sales - N/A

DentalProdx - CA, CT, DC, FL, LA, MD, MA, MS, NE, RI & TN

Dental Supply Depot - MD, VA, DC, MA, PA & NY

Dental Wholesale Direct - Florida

Dentify - Florida

Discount Disposables - California

e-Dentist Supply - California

First Dent Supply - New Jersey

Franklin Dental - New York

GPS Dental - FL, NJ, NY, PA

Hey Dental - AL, MA, MD, NY, OH, VA

IDS - Florida

iSmile Dental Products - CA, WI

Jeweldent - California

LV Dental Supply - California

Max Dental - Florida

Medical Dental Max - N/A

Megadental International - Florida

ODS Online - Iowa

Orange County Dental - California

OrthoExtent - Virginia

PA Dental - AL, MA, MD, NY, OH, VA

Practicon - All States, except RI, DC, AK, DE, MT, NH, OR

Professional Dental Supply - New Jersey

Reliable Dental Supply - New Jersey

River Dental Supplies - New Jersey

Sentry Dental - Wisconsin & Illinois

Shine Dental - Washington

SmartChoice - California

Ting Dental - Pennsylvania

TradealZ - Florida

Tradent - N/A

US Dental Supplies - New York

If you don't see the vendor you're purchasing from listed above, take a look at their vendor page for more details!

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