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How can I submit a return request?
How can I submit a return request?
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To request a return, log into your Net32 account and hover your mouse over the “My Account” drop-down, and click on the ‘Orders’ page:

Scroll through the ‘Orders’ page until you locate the order number pertaining to the product you wish to return.

Click on the order number to open the ‘Order Detail’ page.

Once there, you will be able to click the “Request a Return” button directly next to the product you want to return:

That will open the ‘Request a Return’ page, shown below:

Scroll through the reasons listed and select the option that is most applicable:

After selecting the reason, please include any information concerning the return in the comment section. Once the information has been entered, please click ‘next’ to proceed:

On the following page, confirm the return request information is correct and click 'Submit'.

Follow the steps outlined above and, if your product is eligible for return, Net32 will send you a return label and return authorization number via the email on your account.

Please Note:

  1. Products must be returned in their original packaging.

  2. Products must be returned unopened/unused unless otherwise noted as defective/damaged/warranty repair.

  3. Returns must arrive at the vendor's location no later than 30 days of receipt of the label.

  4. Products returned outside of 30 days will be returned to the customer and will be unable to be refunded.

  5. Shipping fees are non-refundable unless you’re returning a damaged or defective product.

  6. Please allow 2-3 business days for a return to be processed once the product has been received by the vendor.

  7. Exchange requests are granted at the vendor’s discretion.

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