False alarms can occur when there is a poor connection between neutral and ground on the pivot.

The below lists some common remedies for false alarms. If the problem persists after checking the below, please contact Net Irrigate.

1. The most common reasons for false alarms are dirty collector rings. Collector rings can be bypassed with a resistor (available from Net Irrigate). The resistor gets installed on the span cable side of the collector ring between neutral and ground. This will bypass the collector ring and create the end of the protected circuit.

2. A poor connection between neutral and ground in the panel, either at the x2 on the transformer or at the grounding bar. Sometimes the grounding bars are rusty or the ground isn't securely wired.

3. A rusty grounding bar on the last tower, this is typical on older Valley pivots. The ground from the Wire Rat needs to be grounded to the pivot securely.

4. Poor neutral connections down the length of the pivot could also contribute to false alarms. If all the steps above have been completed, the span cable neutral should be re-terminated at each tower. This will ensure there's no corrosion on the neutral and they are tight. The ground should also be tightened as well.

5. Reinke pivots use a bolt with two nuts for the ground lug. Remove the top nut and wires. Tighten the bottom nut. Re-install the wires, use a connector for the WireRat green wire or hook it clockwise around the bolt (so it doesn't come off when you tighten the top nut), tighten the top nut.

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