This is a quick install guide for the CircleScout Satellite Monitor hardware included in the Protect, Monitor, and Control packages. (part: cs-sat-r-hw).
NOTE: Control packages have an additional unit to install. INSTALL SATELLITE MONITOR BEFORE INSTALLING CONTROL UNIT

120/240 AC wires are interchangeable. Some models were made with red wires and some with blue. The blue wired models were developed to increase compatibility with center pivots that have built in GPS, but will work on all models. 

The green wire parallels with the corresponding ground circuit
The white wire parallels with the corresponding neutral circuit 

When used on center pivot irrigation systems, this unit will we wired into the End Tower and attach to the rabbit ears or pivot legs with the installed neodymium magnets.

In some non-pivot applications, only one 120/240 AC wire will be used and the other contained with a wire nut (not included).

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