In order to reset your password, you will need to know your login for the CircleScout app.

Your login should be the email address that you used when you set up your account.

This should be the same email you used to create your store account if you purchased your CircleScout through the store at (This may not be the same as the login you used for the old monitoring system, old NetIrrigate mobile app, or the xProxy app.)

If you do not know your login, please contact Net Irrigate support at 1-800-961-9549 (option 2) and we will be happy to provide it for you.

To reset your password from within the CircleScout App, first enter your account name in the "Email Address" field.


Then, click "TAP HERE"


You should then receive the following alert:


If you do not receive the above alert, ensure you entered a valid email address in the CircleScout app.

You should receive a password rest link to your the email address you entered within a few minutes. Click the link.


The password reset page will open in your browser. Enter a new password and click "Update Password":


You should receive a notification that your password has been successfully updated.


Close your browser and return to the CircleScout App.


Enter your email address and new password, then tap login.

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