This article will cover creating and setting up helper/associate, and notification only accounts in the new CircleScout web app found at

Helper/Associate accounts have a separate login and require an email address.

Notification only accounts do not have a login, they only receive text/call notifications.

Click on the "My Helpers and Associates" Tab:

Click on the "Add Associate Account" button:

Account Creation:

To create or add an existing Helper/Associate that can log in you must:

To create a Notification Only Account for text/calls (no login):

  • Disable the email toggle button

Enter a first and last name

Enter a unique phone number (Mobile or Landline

Select sites to allow notifications from using the toggle buttons

Click "Create New Associate Account"

Account Setup:

After creating the account, you will need to enable the notifications using the toggle buttons.

Select the newly added account by clicking on the arrow in the right corner:

Enable desired notifications using the toggle buttons:

Repeat this for each desired helper/associate and notification only account. If you have any issues or receive any errors, please contact support.

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