Connection Diagram for CircleScout Control Unit for Valley Center Pivot Control Panels

Installation Notes:

1. The CircleScout Control Power Module is mounted inside the Valley Control Panel. Seven (7) wires are connected from the Control Power Module to the Valley Span Cable Terminal Strip.

2. Valley Panels will have a factory installed jumper wire between terminals 4 and 6 on the Span Cable Terminal Strip.
Remove the jumper wire. Connect the wires from the CircleScout Control Power Module as shown in the diagram.
3. Select and Pro Panels may have the jumper wire connected between terminals 4 and 5. Remove the jumper. Move the blue wire from the Control Power Module from terminal 6 to terminal 5.

4. The 4G LTE Modem is mounted outside the Control Panel. Install the Plastic Cable Bushing in a knock out so that the wires pass through the valley panel enclosure. Connect the Control Power Module to the Modem with the Mating Connector.

5. When the power to the Valley panel is turned ON the green LED inside the CircleScout Control Power Module will turn on. The green and red LED’s on the 4G LTE Modem will begin to blink.

6. When the 4G LTE Modem has established a cell tower connection the green LED will flash once every second.
The red LED will remain ON.

7. The CircleScout Control Module LED’s will indicate the following:
 a. Pivot Running red
 b. Start Signal yellow
 c. Stop Signal blue

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