This article will describe how to set the centerpoint for a site from a computer accessing the CircleScout web app at

1) Open the drop down box to select the site you wish to set a center-point for.

2) Find the site in the drop down list and select it. It will have "(Needs Centerpoint)" written text to it.

3) After you find the site that needs a centerpoint click on the "Set Center Point" button.

3) Zoom in to site field associated with the site name and drop centerpoint.

4) After you drop the center point you will be prompted with this pop up, click "update it" if the center point is in the correct location. You can easily reset the center point by simply grabbing the point and moving it.

Note: If you have accidentally moved the point and are prompted with the box shown below, just choose do not change and the point will remain in the same place as before.

5) The centerpoint you set will be saved and you can move it at anytime.

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