This article will explain how the Heading Alerts/Stops (stop in slots) work for CircleScout devices in the mobile app

  • Stop In Slots allow customers to control what degree they want the pivot to stop at
  • Note: It is possible that the pivot can stop within the range of 3 degrees lesser or greater than what the stop in slot is set as

How to set a Stop/Heading Alert

1. Enter the Circle Scout mobile app and find the control tab at the bottom of the screen


2. Choose the site that you want to control in the drop down bar at the top

3. Locate the Heading Alerts and Stops section


4. At this point you have the choice to set a stop plus alert or just an alert

Stop Plus Alert > setting a stop in slot and also an alert (text, call, push notification) that will tell you what degree your pivot is at and will stop it.

an Alert > notification that your pivot is at a specific degree that you set (just an alert will not stop the pivot, available for both Monitor and Control subscribers)

5. To set the Stop Plus Alert you will enter the desired stop degree in the white text box and hit "Add Stop Plus Alert"


6. To set an Alert for the site you will follow the same directions but hit "Add Alert" instead


7. You can change the stop degrees at any time by simply deleting the stop alerts and writing a new one!

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