In order to configure the Reinke RPM Preferred Touch panel to work with the CircleScout Control unit, the pivot must be configured for “Pressure Start” which is designed to start the system once a pressure switch closes. (If you already have a pressure switch installed, the CircleScout control unit can be installed in parallel.) To configure the Reinke RPM panel, do the following:

1) From the main screen, select the “SETUP” button in the upper right corner:

2) The “General System Settings” screen will appear. From this screen, select the “PUMP” Tab:

3) This will open the “Main water Pump settings”. On this screen, select the drop down menu for the Pressure Sensor and change it from “NONE” to “SWITCH”. Then select the “RESTART” tab:

4) This Will open the “Power Restart” screen. Select “PRESSURE START”. Then select the “When Pressure Good: Then” option box:

5) The “Select One Function” screen will appear. Select “START SYS” then select "DONE":


You will be returned to the “Power Restart” screen. Verify that “Pressure Start” has a check mark next to it and that “When Pressure Good: Then” is set to “START SYS”. Then select the “Update” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to save the settings. If you do not select “Update” the settings will not be saved:

Your Reinke RPM panel is now configured for use with the CircleScout Control Unit.

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