CircleScout PumpProxy AC 2019 Control Module for Engines with a 117 Murphy Switch and TL Adapter Wiring Diagram


Installation: Mount the 4G LTE Modem outside and the PumpProxy Control Module inside the engine panel or a weatherproof enclosure.  Connect the ribbon cables with the Mating Connector. Wire the PumpProxy controller as show in the diagram.  From the PumpProxy Control Module: Connect the black wire to the black 120VAC wire from the TL power adapter.  Connect the white wire to the White Neutral (120VAC side) of the TL power adapter.  Connect the orange pilot wire to the “C” terminal of the Murphy Switch using a sta-con.  Connect one of the red wires to the “S” terminal of the Murphy switch using a sta-kon. Connect the other red wire to ground.  The two blue wires will not be use so should be capped off with a wire nut. From the low voltage side of the TL power adapter (12-24v): Connect the white wire to ground, the red wire to the “C” terminal of the Murphy switch with a sta-kon, and cap the orange wire with a wire nut (not used). 


Operation: Start the engine manually. A green LED inside the PumpProxy Control Module will light when the engine is running to indicate that the control module has power and red LED will light to indicate voltage is detected on the pilot. A red LED will remain solid and a green LED will flash once per second on the 4G LTE Modem to indicate the modem is ready to receive phone commands.  When a stop command is received by the modem, a yellow LED will light for 5 seconds, indicated that the Normally Open relay is activated and closed.  This will apply Ground to the “S” terminal on the Murphy switch and stop the Engine.

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