1) Find in your Circle Scout app the three lines in the top left corner that will bring you to the sidebar menu


2) From there you will click on the "Helpers and Associates" tab

3) Once you are in the Helpers and Associates section you will find a blue box that says "Add Associate Account"


4) There you will need to fill in the NAME, NUMBER, and EMAIL of the associate

- NOTE: we find it best practice to enter an email for your helper so they also have an account to login to, if you are just in need of setting up a text only account then you can just add the name and number of your helper

- the toggles next to each field enable the notifications, i.e if you want them on then they should be green


5) After you enter the basic info, you will personalize the sites that you want your helper to have visibility to and be notified about

- This can be done by simply enabling the toggles to the sites that are wanted

- the toggle on the left enables notifications and visibility to the site

- the toggle on the right enables administrator status for the helper, meaning they will have the ability to send start and stop commands for sites that have a control subscription


6) Finally, you will personalize which notification types you want your helper to receive

- text, email, voice (call), and push notification 


7) After everything is configured you will press the green button that says "Create New Associate Account"

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