Q: Is there anything I need to do immediately as a Net Irrigate customer?

A: No, there is nothing that needs to be done immediately.  Net Irrigate will still be your direct contact and is here to support you.  We now have more options and resources to offer to you. 

Q: Will I be upgraded to the FieldNET equipment?

A: Your existing equipment and app will continue to work. We will be transitioning to the FieldNET software and hardware over the course of the next year.  If you are wanting more options and to be utilizing FieldNET immediately, then give us a call and we will get that process started. 

Q: Will my pricing stay the same?

A: There will be no immediate price changes unless you choose to upgrade your feature set.  Our goal is to ensure that the combination of Net Irrigate and FieldNET work in your favor.  Each farm is unique and we will make sure that we remain competitive at keeping your farm connected. 

Q: Where can I learn more about solutions available from FieldNET?

A: FieldNET is industry-leading technology.  You can learn more here.

Q: How do I know who my local dealer is?

A: There are over 200+ dealers in the US.  Click here to find your local dealer. 

Q: Am I required to use a Zimmatic dealer?

A: Zimmatic dealers are trained and skilled in both FieldNET and Net Irrigate branded equipment.  It is strongly recommended you utilize a Zimmatic dealer for the best possible user experience.

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