Based on feedback from customers (and donors), our product team has created new everyday giving page templates that give you more design options and are easier to navigate. (We think you’ll like them a lot!) 

What this means for your organization:

  • You can start building everyday giving pages with the new templates today.
  • On February 22 we will retire the current template for everyday giving pages and we will automatically update all your “old” pages to the donation form focused template. 
  • Peer-to-peer and event fundraising pages will not change.  


Can I start using the new templates now?
Yes. You can start building new everyday giving pages using the new templates. 

What will my "old" pages look like when you update them?

All of your page content, text, background image, giving levels, impact labels, donation frequency, videos and more, will still be in place. We will simply be taking the content from your "old" pages and moving them to one of the new templates.  

Here's an example (click the image to see the full pages)

Old template:

New template:

After you make the updates, can I make edits to the page? 

Yes! After we finish updating all your pages to the new template on February 22, you can make edits. In addition to editing all the original content, after the update has been made you can go into your pages and

  • Select a different template
  • Choose a light or dark donation box theme
  • Place the form on the right, left or center 

For more on the new templates and layout options, watch this tour.

When will you be switching all my pages to the new template? 

We plan to do this on February 22. We will send you an email closer to that time. 

During the process of updating my pages to the new template, will my pages stay live? Can I still collect donations? 

Your everyday giving pages will not be taken down during the update. We will simply update the template and your live pages will start displaying the new template as soon as the change is made. Your donors will still be able to make donations on your pages at any time. 

Will recurring donations be impacted during the update? 

No. There is no change to how and when recurring donations are processed. This is an improvement in the page templates only and it will not impact donation processing. 

Will my URL change? 

No. Your everyday giving page URLs will not change. 

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