When is it ok to ask questions?

Only ask questions if you have a plan for how to use  the information you collect. For example:

  • You are asking for information that could lead to further engagement or a larger gift (e.g. asking if the donor is interested in volunteering or making a planned gift).
  • You plan to send birthday messages to donors, so you ask them to share their birth date.

Let them know why you’re asking the question

Let the donor know why they should take the time to answer your question.. This creates additional trust and transparency while still getting your answer. 


  • “Where did you hear about us? This allows to spend more on programs and less on marketing.”  
  • “What is your birth date? We love to acknowledge our donors on their birthdays!”

Question Writing Tips:

  • Keep your questions simple and straightforward.
  • Don’t ask for more than one piece of information per question.
  • Don’t ask leading questions.
  • Try to read your question from the donor’s perspective. Is it clear what you are asking?
  • If possible, provide answer options instead of open text fields (i.e. a dropdown or a short checkbox list).
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