So, you've noticed or used Facebook's new fundraiser feature that allows users to raise funds for their favorite charities, but how exactly does Network for Good come into play and how do you receive the funds?

Network for Good has a partnership with Facebook that allows us to disburse the donations raised through these fundraising campaigns. We primarily handle the disbursement of the funds, but we know our customers have a lot of questions about how this works. We have a few answers for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I pasted the URL for my Network for Good donation page on Facebook and Facebook asked me to add a "Donate Button" to my post. I'm getting donations but these funds aren't showing up on my Network for Good donation page. Why?

Because Facebook has figured out that you are raising money, they are giving you the option to turn this Facebook Post into a Facebook Fundraiser. Once you add a "donate button" to your post donors interested in donating to your nonprofit will have their gift processed through Facebook, not your Network for Good donation page.

To drive traffic to your Network for Good donation page instead, delete the post, re share your donation page URL and do not add the "donate button" to your post. Donors can then click on your post and arrive on your Network for Good donation page to complete their gift! 

Someone set up a Facebook Fundraiser for my organization. When will my nonprofit receive the donations raised on Facebook?

Once a month Network for Good receives instructions from Facebook on how to disburse the funds that were donated during the previous calendar month. Network for Good then disburses those funds on the 15th of the month after we receive the instructions. This means that donations made in July through Facebook will be sent to Network for Good in August. We then would disburse the funds on September 15th. 

Why is my nonprofit getting money from Facebook?

If you’ve received Facebook donations through Network for Good via check or EFT that means that someone raised money for your nonprofit on Facebook! If you have any questions about these donations, please contact Facebook here.

My nonprofit raised money on Facebook, but haven’t received the donations yet. Where are the funds? 

There are several possible answers to this. If you are asking about donations that were raised less than 60 days ago, it is likely that Network for Good has not yet received instructions about these donations yet, so please submit your question to Facebook here

If you’re asking about donations that were raised more than 75 days ago, please check that your nonprofit’s mailing address is the same as the one listed in Guidestar. Network for Good sends checks to the nonprofit address that is listed in Guidestar's database. 

For more questions about Facebook Payments, the Donate button, or the Donate Call to Action button, please contact Facebook here.

Can my non-profit run reports on these donations or receive donor information?

No. Donations through Facebook will appear as "anonymous donor" through Network for Good's reports. This is related to Facebook's privacy policy. 

Does it cost to donate or fundraise on Facebook?

No. Facebook covers all transaction fees. 

For additional questions, please check out our helpful guides below:

  • If you need information about your Facebook donations, Facebook Fundraisers, matching fund campaigns, Facebook Payments, finding your nonprofit on Facebook, Facebook Donate Button, and anything else about fundraising on Facebook, contact Facebook here.

  • If you’ve received a check from Network for Good or a direct deposit and want more disbursement details, log in or register with Network for Good's Disbursement Portal here.

  • If you’ve received a check from Network for Good and would like to sign up for direct deposit, login and sign up here.

  • If you need to update your nonprofit’s address in Guidestar, please follow the instructions found here

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