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With our Contact Complete service we provide you with a monthly update to your contact records that gives you updated contact information, wealth scores, social media information, and much more!

Check out the key below to better understand the fields that have been added to your Donor Management System. We've listed them out below. And you can download our handy one-page list here

  • DS Phone 2 & DS Phone 2 Type - Indicates  an additional phone number is available. With limited information on the number, these fields give you the number and type of number we receive from  the national database sources. These fields provide you with all of the information given to us by the databases, so we don't overwrite or replace the phone number you may already have in your system.

  • DS Address Add Type & DS Address Type - Indicates when a new physical address has been found for one of your contacts. It will let you know if the address was "added," "overwritten," or "experienced no change." The "overwritten" status means we've replaced the  address you originally had on this contact with the updated address we've received directly from USPS.  

  • DS Address Original - The address that was originally assigned to contact via your import or entry - we store the original address you had listed in this field, just in case the address from USPS is not accurate.

  • DS Age - The age of the contact, based on the birth date that we've recieved through our import.

  • DS Wealth Score - Measures both household income and net worth. A "high" score would indicate a  household income of $250,000, or more or a net worth of $1-Million. This can be used to target potential major donors.

  • DS Relative Wealth - Measures how a specific contact's wealth compares to other contacts within your Donor  Management system. A "high" score would indicate the contacts that are in the top 10% of wealth, when measuring against other contacts in your system. This can be used similarly to the "wealth scoring" field above, to help target donors that may be major donors or able to contribute more to you.

  • DS Giving Score - Helps you determine who is more likely and capable of giving to your organization.  

  • DS Deliverability Score - A score provided to us by USPS that measures deliverability to the contact's physical address. The score looks at successful and unsuccessful deliveries, as well as information from the USPS drivers, to determine the deliverability of mail to the address.

  • DS Linkedin - Links you to the contact's LinkedIn, when available.

  • DS Facebook - Links you to the contact's Facebook, when available.

  • DS Twitter - Links you to contact's Twitter, when available.

  • DS Twitter Followers - The number of Twitter followers the contact has on Twitter. if applicable.

  • DS Twitter Following - The number of people the contact is following on Twitter, if applicable.

  • DS Klout Score - "Klout" is an indicator of how influential a contact is through their social media activities. The score measures overall online influence on a scale of 1-100,  with 100 being most influential. A higher Klout score means they are able to  influence large amounts of people through their social media actions. This may indicate that you want to provide a specialized experience to this  contact.   

  • DS Klout - Provides link to Klout profile when Klout Score is present. This will allow you to dig further into their score.

  • DS Topics - This field originally was designed to capture areas of interest from Facebook. However, recent changes in Meta's software have made these no longer available within this type of import. For now, we will fill this area  (if available), and the field may be changed or removed in the future.   

  • DS Has Gift Match? & DS Gift Match Link - Indicates if the contact has access to an employee match. A link to their matching site will be provided, when available.   

  • DS Social Score - Similar  to Klout, this measures the contact's ability to influence through social media; however, this score is calculated in-house. This, along with Klout, could be a good  indicator of when to provide a specialized experience to the contact - with the goal of increasing the likelihood of having them share your story or organization's donation page through their social media.

  • DS Social Network Count - The number of social networking accounts the contact currently has.   

  • DS Deceased - Indicates whether or not the individual has been flagged as deceased through our verification processes.

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