Not able to export data in Donor Management? Here are two things to check before reaching out to us for help! (This applies to both exporting donation records and contact records.)


1. Did you select the records you want to export? 

If the export button is not appearing in "full color" (see below) you need to select the records you want to export.

Scroll down and hit the "Select All" box above the first row of results (or just select the records you want to export). After you've selected the records you can now export! 

2. Do you have permission to export? 

Check your Admin role by navigating to your profile. 

Click your name in the bottom left corner of Donor Management and select "Profile".

Your role will appear under your name on your profile.  Viewers, Recorders, or Staff-Limited won't be able to export. Only Supervisors and Staff have the ability to export.

Note: Network for Good's support cannot change roles. You'll need to ask someone at your organization with Supervisor status to edit the access you have to the system. 

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