Processing Donations for your donors

Steps and best practices for processing donations on behalf of your donors

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A note about the CARES Act (COVID-19 relief) and tax benefits for donors:

This information is provided as general information, please consult your tax advisor for information specific to your organization.

Nonprofits who receive funds from

If you are advising donors about donation deductibility under the 2020 CARES Act, please note for non-itemizers, donations made to are not eligible for the new deduction. For donors who itemize, donations to are still donations to a 501(c)(3) and should be treated in the standard manner under the tax code.As always, please advise your donors to consult with tax professionals.

Nonprofits who receive funds from We Pay:

If you are advising donors about donation deductibility under the 2020 CARES Act, please note non-itemizers can claim the new deduction if the donation is eligible.For donors who itemize, donations should be treated in the standard manner under the tax code.As always, please advise your donors to consult with tax professionals.

For more information about We Pay or to sign up, please visit this link

My donor wants me to charge their credit card

If donors give you their credit card information so that you can process donations on behalf of them, there are a few things to remember. First, the email address is a unique identifier for each of your donors, so when collecting information to process donations on behalf of donors, it is best to collect email addresses as well! If you are processing a one-time donation, it won’t be required to add a password to create a login for the donor. For recurring donations the password is required because it gives the donor the ability to login to their profile to manage their donation. They can resend receipts, cancel their current recurring donation or update their card information.

Processing the gift

It is best practice to open a new incognito window for each transaction. Browsers tend to store information so opening a new incognito window should give you a fresh start and helps any mix ups with donor information. 

Once you have all of the necessary information, you can process the donation for the donor(s) following these steps:

  1. Start on the Campaigns tab in the fundraising pages. Right click on the Visit Page button for the page you are looking to make the donation toward. 

  2. From the menu, select to open the page in a private or incognito window

  3. Select the donation amount, designation and add information for the tribute if necessary and click the purchase button.

  4. Click the Donate button, to get to the billing information screen. Add billing information and be sure to indicate whether the donor wants to pay the transaction fee or not and complete the transaction

Recurring Donations

We do not recommend entering recurring donations on behalf of donors. This is because Recurring donors are asked to set up a password with their email so that they can edit and manage their recurring donation in the future. If you are trying to enter a recurring donation on the behalf of a donor you will need to create a password attached to their email.  

Tax Receipt and notifications 

Your donor will then receive the confirmation message and tax receipt via email. You can share the password for their account with them if you set one up so they can manage their donations. You should also receive a copy of the emails if you have the order confirmation bcc recipient notification checked as one of your admin notices roles. You can manage that in the fundraising pages by going to People>Admins then clicking the edit button next to your name. 

If you did have a mix up and a donation you entered was attributed to the wrong donor, fear not! You can reassign the donation to the correct donor, and then resend the receipt so the correct donor receives it. Just go to People>Donors/fundraisers and search for the donor that the donation was added. From there, click on the actions>details button next to the donation. On the following page, you'll see another actions button on the top right. Select actions then reassign donor. You can assign to the intended donor and then search for the that donor's profile after the donation has been reassigned. Complete the same steps to resend receipts to your corrected donor. 

Remember, if you need a donation refunded, please reach out to us at with the donor’s name and the donation date and amount and we can process a full refund for you. 

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