Updated: 9/8/22


In-Person Check-In Feature Now Available for Essential Events!

You can now quickly and easily check in guests for your event directly through your Essential Events page! Through the Check-In feature, you also can easily collect additional guest information you may have missed before.

You can search for guests either by their name or ticket purchaser, to more easily find your guests during check-in. The feature is also designed for use on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices, so you can keep that check-in process running smoothly.

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Learn more about our new Check-In feature here.


New Look – Same Great Platform! - Updated Peer-to-Peer Pages

We’ve made some upgrades to the look of your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages, to make it easier for your Fundraisers and donors to use! Don’t worry – these upgrades are only changing the look of the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page that your donors experience, and won’t affect your dashboard or any of the page’s functionality.

Updated Tickets to Better Reflect Guests

We’ve made a change to how guest tickets are labeled and represented in your Essential Events and Events Lite pages. Now, when adding a ticket type, you’ll be asked if that ticket type “represents a guest”.

If the ticket type you’re creating is intended to represent a guest attending one of your events – you'll want to make sure to select “Yes.” This will automatically add the name, email, and mobile phone questions to the ticket for the purchaser to include – though they won’t be required to fill out, and you can always edit these questions later.

Our Mid-Summer Engagement Plan is Here!

We’ve launched our latest Engagement Plan, focusing on growing your individual donor fundraising program and nurturing those ongoing relationships with your supporters. This plan helps emphasize the impact that a donor’s gift makes, and how it improves the lives that your organization serves.

For more information on this engagement plan, check out our related guide here.


Find Out About Product and System Updates More Easily

Looking to easily find these product updates to share with other members of your team? You can now find a link to this very article under the "Help" button drop-down options, located in the top-right corner of both Fundraising Pages and Donor Management.

Added the "Payment Description" Field to Offline Sponsorships

You can now add important details, such as a check number, when adding an offline sponsorship to your Essential Events page! We've added a "Payment Description" field to capture any of those important notes related to that particular transaction.


Updated “Fundraising Goal Bar” Now Available on Essential Events Pages

We’ve updated the "Fundraising Goal Bar” (formerly known as the “Donation Goal Bar”) to include not only donations made towards your Essential Event, but ticket purchases and sponsorship purchases as well! You can now track all associated revenue with your event more easily and provide a more cohesive public goal for your participants to see in real-time!

Once you’ve completed setting up your Essential Event, you can edit your Event and select which revenues you’d like to be included within that Fundraising Goal.

Added the Ability to Delete Offline Ticket and Sponsorship Purchases

Did you accidentally add a ticket or sponsorship you didn’t mean to on your Essential Events page? Not to worry – you now can remove those offline transactions yourself! By searching for your participant under the “People” tab in Fundraising Pages, you can click on the “Actions” button next to the transaction in question, and select the option to “Delete” to remove it from your system.

NOTE: This action is only available for “offline” transactions that were not processed through Network for Good’s Fundraising Pages. For help removing a transaction made using a credit or debit card, please contact the Network for Good Solutions Team.

Additional Improvements and Updates to our Essential Events Pages

We’ve made several internal improvements to our Essential Events pages to make sure your upcoming event runs as smoothly as possible, and will continue to improve as we learn more about your events-related needs!

We’ve improved the goal bar to ensure that offline transactions are included within your Fundraising Goal; added a “reminder” to make sure your event isn’t set to happen in the past; making sure that tickets using promo codes are reflected accurately across all platforms; and making improvements to the mobile version of your Events page.


New Engagement Plan Launched – Subscription Giving

We’ve launched our latest Engagement Plan, focusing on encouraging your donors to commit to a monthly recurring gift through Network for Good’s Subscription Giving Model. Through our research, we've seen that Subscription Giving users can double their total funds raised!

For more information on this engagement plan, check out our related guide here.

Introducing – PROMO CODES!

Maybe you’d like to offer an “early bird” discount price to your guests, or you’re offering free admission to students attending your upcoming event. Now, you can create and offer Promo Codes for your Essential Event participants!

Promo Codes will allow your participants to enter a specific code and receive their ticket for a lower cost. They can also be used to create complimentary, or “courtesy” tickets, for guests who may be attending the event at no cost.

For more information on how to use our new Promo Codes, check out our FAQ here!

“Unsubscribe” Button Now Available on Group Video Email Messages

Donors and contacts can now opt to “unsubscribe” from future group video email messages – we've added a button at the bottom of those messages to make that process easier.

Improvements to QuickBooks Online Sync Process

We’ve released an update to our Quickbooks Online sync through Donor Management that will prevent transactions being inadvertently synced over multiple times. This should reduce accidental duplicate syncs of your transactions and make sure your synced info is as accurate as possible!

You can learn more about our Quickbooks Online Integration here.


Added – Legacy Customers Can Now Access Our Secure Direct Deposit Disbursement Process!

Our legacy DonateNow customers can now set up or edit existing direct deposit processes for their monthly Network for Good disbursement checks, as well as view their disbursement reports, all in one location!

All Network for Good customers can now apply for and manage their direct deposit information, as well as view their monthly disbursement report, through our Disbursement Portal.

For those nonprofits who may have never utilized this portal before, you may need to “register” the first time you log in.

For more information on how our direct deposit process works, check out our expanded FAQ here.

We’ve Added Additional Video Resources to Help Run Your Best Event with a Livestream

If you’re running an Essential Events page that includes a livestreaming component, you’ll now see a short video from our Vice President of Coaching that provides a few quick tips on how to make your upcoming event a success!

The video “pop-up” also includes how to contact the Support Team directly, if you have any questions about your upcoming Essential Event.

No Limits on Sponsorship Descriptions!

Describe your sponsorship opportunities to your hearts’ content! We’ve updated the Sponsorship descriptions within your Essential Events page so that there are no character limits, so you can include as many details as you’d like!

For more information on adding Sponsorships to your Essential Events pages, click here.


Added – The Ability to Remove or Omit Sponsorship Images

What if one of your sponsors doesn’t want their logo displayed on your page for your upcoming Essential Event? You can now opt to remove an existing logo for that sponsor - or omit the logo entirely!

To remove an existing logo, or to opt that only the sponsor’s name is displayed, you can now select the option to “Display Name Only” when adding or updating the logo.

Email Builder Auto-Saves More Frequently

We’ve updated our “auto-save” feature within our Email Builder tool to save your progress more frequently, so you can work on your email communications without worry about losing any of your recent progress!

Ticketing Page Migration to Events Lite Pages

In the coming months, we will begin the process of migrating existing Ticketing pages for events held after April 30th, 2022, to an updated Events Lite page.

For existing Ticketing pages with events held prior to April 30th, we will be honoring those pages as they currently are.

If you have questions about this migration, or aren’t sure what this means for your existing Ticketing pages, please contact the Support Team.

For more information on this exciting new Events offering, please check out our related FAQ here!

New Engagement Plan Launched – Looking Forward in 2022

We recently launched a new “Looking Forward” engagement plan within Donor Management for your 2022 fundraising needs! This particular engagement plan emphasizes how to approach donors who may not have been in a place to contribute during the past few years.

For more information on how to use this engagement plan, check out our helpful FAQ here.

Easily Identify Issues with Livestream Links Hosted on Essential Events

When entering your livestream URL on your Essential Events page, you’ll now receive an immediate “heads up” if the link you’ve entered hasn’t been added correctly, or if the link is not valid.

When entering your Livestream URL, if the link is entered correctly, you should see a small “preview” of your video window appear. If the link is entered incorrectly, you’ll now see an error message with a link to one of our troubleshooting resources on livestreaming through our Essential Events page.


It's Simpler to Duplicate Your Existing Essential Events Pages

If you host the same event regularly, like a monthly concert or an annual gala, we’ve now made it easier to duplicate an existing version of that event and make any necessary minor updates!

Now, if you click on “Clone Event” while accessing your Event Overview, you’ll have a step-by-step opportunity to review all of the previous Essential Event’s information that’s been automatically pulled in, and make any changes to the new event page.

For more on how to duplicate an existing Essential Events page, click here.

Add More Details to Your Event Sponsorships

You can now get creative and include more details for each of your Essential Events sponsorship levels! We’ve updated our sponsorship descriptions to include additional formatting, such as line breaks.

For more information on the Sponsorships functionality found in our Essential Events pages, please click here for our FAQ!

Getting Started Videos Now Available – At Any Time!

Looking for a quick refresher on how to use our system? Have a new employee on your team who hasn’t used Network for Good’s software before?

Now, our helpful “Getting Started” video collection is now available for you to view, no matter if you’re a new customer, or if you’ve been with us for some time! These videos can now be found underneath the “Help” button, in the top-right corner of your Donor Management System.


Events Lite Pages Are Here!

We’re excited to announce that starting on February 15th, our Ticketing pages will be replaced by our new Events Lite pages!

Events Lite pages are unlimited free events pages that include all the functionality of our Ticketing pages, in addition to our new Event Invitations feature. You can create as many Events Lite pages as you want, but the attendee list is capped at 50 for paid participants and free for registrations - so it’s perfect for your organization’s smaller events!

We will also honor any Ticketing page created for an event that’s being held prior to April 30th, 2022 – or you can opt to upgrade to our Essential Events pages.

To learn more about our Events Lite pages, please check out our FAQ here – and if you’d like to speak with someone about upgrading to Essential Events pages, click here to schedule a call!

It’s Easier to Add or Update Your Livestream URL in an Essential Event

Adding or updating your livestream in your Essential Events page just got easier!

We’ve added the ability for admins to add their livestream URL directly in their “Livestream Tab” on their Event Overview.

You can also update an existing URL from the same location if you need to change or replace that URL at any time.

For more info on how to add a livestreaming URL to your Essential Events page, please review this helpful how-to!

Easier Essential Events Calendar

Need to modify the date or time of your upcoming Essential Event? We’ve made it even easier to change those details from within your Event Overview! Just click on the “Edit” button towards the top right of the screen, and scroll down to the section titled “Where is this event?”

From there, you can easily select the date and time (in five-minute increments) and save!

“Active” Auctions

We’ve streamlined the language we use to make it easier to know when your bidders can participate in your Network for Good Auction! We’ve changed our phrasing to reflect that your Auction is “active” when bidders can participate, and to differentiate between when participants can see and access the auction, and when they can start bidding.

Easier Access to Links in Livestream Event Chats

If you are trying to share a link or URL in your Essential Event’s livestream chat with your participants, we’ve made those links clickable and adjusted the page so your chat box or page doesn’t appear “squished.”

Update your Livestream URL in an Essential Event Set to “Live”

If you ever need to update your livestream URL in your Essential Event while the event's status is set to “live,” you can now easily do so – and your participants won’t have to update or refresh their page to see that updated video.

For more info on how to add a livestreaming URL to your Essential Events page, please review this helpful how-to!


Request a Demo for Auctions

Interested in learning more about our new Auctions platform? You can now easily request to set up a demo with a member of our team and see for yourself how it works!

Simply select “Auctions” from your “My Tools” dropdown in your Donor Management system to schedule that call.

Integrating Your Auction with Your Essential Event Just Got Easier!

If you have a Network for Good Auction that you’re running in tandem with your Essential Events, page you can now integrate your auction seamlessly to make it easier for your participants to access both in one, easy-to-find location!

You can now link your Auction through your Essential Event’s Event Overview page, which will then display internal information about your Auction for your admins to refer to at a glance.

Once your Auction goes live, your participants will also be able to access all available auction items directly from your Essential Events page.

For more information on this process, check out our set-up steps here.

Updated Event Builder To Enhance Your Opportunities

We’ve updated our Event Builder to help you experience our new Essential Events pages and their added value to your organization! Now, when you start creating a new Events page, you’ll be building a Essential Events page right away, so you can see how that page might look and feel with our enhanced features.

If you prefer to continue to use our Ticketing or Events Lite pages, you’ll also still have the option to downgrade at the end of the Event building process.

Included Images While Merging Duplicates

Looking to merge two duplicate contact records in your Donor Management system, but want to include a photo? Now, when you merge two contact records, if one of the records has a photo, it will automatically be included in the new, merged record. If both records have photos, then the record you opt to merge everything “into” will keep that photo.


2021 Year-End Engagement Plans are Live!

With 1/3 of all charitable giving happening in December, it's important to create engaging, integrated campaigns to maximize your revenue before the year comes to an end. Lucky for you, we've compiled great resources to help you through every step of your year-end campaign!

Built-In Event Invitations for your Network for Good Essential Events Page

You can now seamlessly create a invite for your upcoming Essential Event directly from the Event Campaign in Fundraising Pages - complete with your Essential Event’s details, images, and branding!

Essential Events Pages Now Include a Link to Your Live Auction!

If you are running an Auction with your Essential Event, you can now link your Auction directly to your Essential Events page. Once the Auction is “live,” your participants will be able to click a “View Auction Items” button on your Essential Event page and be directed to your available Auction items.

This also includes an internal “snapshot” on your Event Overview of your Auction’s status, so you can track that while simultaneously monitoring your Essential Event.

Add or Remove the Livestreaming Functionality from Your Essential Events

Not sure if you’ll need to livestream your event? Not a problem! Now you can easily toggle on (or off) the livestreaming component on your new Essential Events pages without having to contact Support! For more details on how to do so, check out this helpful article on the process.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Program (MPP) and Network for Good

With Apple’s recent introduction of their new Mail Privacy Program (MPP), you may have some questions about how this can affect your email communications through the Donor Management System. We’ve created an FAQ article on the update, and how it may affect your emails moving forward.


It’s Easier to Tell if Your Fundraising Page is an Essential Events Page, or a Ticketing Page

We’ve made it even easier to determine what type of page you just created for your upcoming event! Through labels on your campaigns, you can now see at a glance if that new campaign is set up as an Essential Events page, or as a Ticketing page.

For more information on the differences between the two campaign page types, check out this helpful guide!

Easily Add, Track, Display, and Manage Your Event Sponsors

Our new Essential Events pages now provide the option for your sponsors to purchase their sponsorships online, as well as the option for you to manually add those sponsors and display them on your Essential Events page!

You can also add a logo for Essential Event sponsors and link their website for further visibility on your Essential Events page. The size of their logos will be relative to the "level" of sponsorshop - in other words, the highest-dollar sponsorship logos will display as "large-sized" images, the next-highest sponsorship logos will display as "medium-sized" images, and all other sponsorship logos will display as "small-sized" images.

Additionally, your sponsorhips will be tracked as a separate, individual stream of revenue for your convenience in your Donor Management System. This will allow you to acknowledge your sponsors more effectively, as well as provide a more clear view when reporting on your event.

For more information on using Sponsorships with our Essential Events Pages, check out our Sponsorships FAQ.


Link Your Network for Good Auction to Your Essential Events Page

When you create a Network for Good Auction, you can connect it to your Essential Events Page to display money raised against your goal right on your Event Dashboard. This update also allows you to easily navigate between your Essential Event and Auction from one location.

Automatically Remind Attendees of Your Essential Event

Take sending event reminder emails off of your to-do list! When you build one of our new Essential Events page, and use the livestreaming feature, our system will automatically send your attendees a reminder email with all of your event details one hour before your event, so that they can easily join the livestream on your page!

Interested in learning more about Network for Good's Essential Events and Auctions product? Schedule a call with a member of our team here.

Now Find Your Favorite Contact Filters and Bulk Actions Under One Location

We've updated the Contacts page to make it simpler to use such as relocating the Group and Donor Status filters under Quick Filters.

We also relocated your favorite Contacts bulk actions such as communications, Add to Group and Export under the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.


It's Now Easier For Organizations to Make Donations Through Your Fundraising Pages

We have added the capability for organizations to make online and offline donations on your Network for Good Fundraising Pages.

In the donation checkout and donor account signup process, we have added the option to donate/sign-up as an 'Individual' or 'Organization':

Account admins can also now add offline donations from organizations:


New Network for Good Essential Events

Our new Essential Events platform allows you to:

  • Host virtual livestream events

  • Create beautiful event landing pages

  • Engage with attendees via livestream chat

  • Confidently host with tech support available during event

Interested in getting access to our new Essential Events platform for your organization? Learn more here.

Get More Insight Into Your Video Message Performance

We've added a new activity filter so you can easily see all video-related activity and the donations that have come from them. When looking at your Designations simply select Video from the activity filter dropdown menu:


Access 1,000+ Email Templates in Our New Fundraising Email Gallery

Don't start from scratch on your next email. Our new Fundraising Email Gallery includes templates for appeals, acknowledgements, newsletters, and more!

All templates are:

  • Created by Network for Good customers

  • Proven to perform with high engagement and fundraising

  • Fully customizable to your own message and images

To find the Fundraising Email Gallery, in the left-hand navigation menu under Communication choose Email Blasts. You will see this banner at the top of the page:

Click View the Gallery to start exploring which template you are going to use first!

You Can Now Edit the Time Zone on Your Event Ticketing Page

As more and more events become virtual, attendees are joining from all over the map. By displaying the time zone of your event, attendees will be confident knowing exactly when your tickets go off sale and when your event is. The time zone you select for your event will now:

  • Display on your event ticketing page

  • Be included in the purchase confirmation email sent to supporters along with the date and time of the event

  • Determine when your tickets go off sale

You will see this new option in the Fundraising Page editor to select the time zone you want to use:

Inspire More Donations on Your Event Page by Setting a Donation Goal and Progress Bar to That Goal

Let your supporters know what you are trying to achieve by creating a donation goal on your event ticketing page, and showing them a progress bar to that goal.

When you are in the Event Fundraising Page editor, navigate to the Donation Settings section and make sure 'Yes' is chosen under the 'Allow Donations?' option:

The progress bar will show up on your Event Fundraising Page like this:


Direct Mail Just Got Easier with Microsoft Word Templates

You now have the option to upload an existing Microsoft Word document when creating Direct Mail. You can upload and download your letter as a Word document for easy editing. Just choose Upload when you reach the below page in the setup process. Learn more about this feature here.

Easily Access the Web Version of Your Email Blasts to Share

You can now view and share the web version of any sent Email Blast right from the Email Blast page in your Donor Management System. First locate the Email Blast that you want to send by navigating to Email Blasts under the Communications tab. Click the Actions dropdown menu on the email you want to share and then click Share. This will generate a URL that you can use to share on your website, social media, or anywhere else you would like!


Save Time By Creating Templated Text for Your Video Messages

Now you don't need to create a brand new message to send alongside every personal video message. You can now change the default subject line and text that sends with any new video acknowledgment or 1:1 video that you create. To change this, navigate to Settings > Your Organization. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the new section labeled 'Personal Video Message Settings':

Just make sure to hit 'Update & Save' after you have made your changes.

Microsoft Edge Browser Users Can Now Record Personal Video Messages

You can now record all video messages using Microsoft Edge as your browser.

Be Confident that 1:1 Emails with Attachments Land in Donors' Inboxes
When sending a 1:1 email to a donor through your donor management system you can now only attach a file less than 10MB. This ensures the email will properly send to the donor without getting caught in their spam filters. If you need to send a file attachment that's larger than 10MB, upload the file to your website or file-sharing site (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc) and share the link with your donor in the email instead of attaching a large file.



Tax Language Removed for $0 Transactions

For all $0 transactions, donors will no longer receive the standard tax language at the bottom of their receipts.

Now Accepting Discover Cards on Fundraising Pages

Donors who want to give using a Discover Card can now use their card to donate!

Credit Card Statements Now Show Non-Profit Name

Once a donor makes a donation or purchases an event ticket through your organization's Network for Good fundraising page, the first 18 characters of your nonprofit's name will be visible on their credit card statement.


Segment a list by donor’s largest gift

Now you can ask for an appropriately-sized gift in your next appeal when you use the Largest Donation Amount (Lifetime) filter to segment your list. You can now segment your appeal so you aren’t asking a donor who has given $10,000 for a $50 gift!

Review a group video message after it's sent

You can now watch a group video message and review the email text that was sent with it after you’ve successfully sent a group video. Navigate to Communications > Group Video and click on the title of the video to review a previously sent group video.


Filter tasks by assignee and add files to tasks

You now have the ability to filter tasks by the assignee so you can see your complete to-do list or a colleague's. Tasks also now include the ability to attach a file (like a Word Doc, image, or spreadsheet) so you can include even more details under a task's advanced options and make collaborating with colleagues, volunteers and board members even easier.


Remind donors that their pledge payment is due

Reminder emails can now be easily customized and sent to donors who have a pledge record. The template email contains a summary of their pledge commitment, how much they have donated towards that pledge and the due date for the full pledge. You can send the reminder email from any pledge record clicking the down arrow next to details to see the Send Reminder Email option. The default message already includes the needed merge fields!


Wow more than one donor at a time with group videos

You can now use the Group Video feature to send a personal video message to more than one supporter at a time. Learn more about the three types of personal video messages.


Track peer-to-peer fundraiser success with soft credits added to donor records

We've heard feedback that you'd like to track a peer-to-peer fundraiser's success on their donor record in donor management. Now you can! When a gift is donated through a fundraiser's peer-to-peer page a soft credit will automatically be added to that donor's profile in donor management so you can keep track of the donations that came in through that specific fundraiser's efforts.


Send a personal video message to an individual contact

In addition to sending a personal video message to acknowledge a donation, you can now send a personal video message to a contact by clicking “Add New” under the Interactions drop-down menu on a contact’s profile. You can use this video method to send happy birthday messages or just check in with donors to let them know you are thinking of them. Check out these sample videos from customers and scripts to inspire you.

Easily update ticket purchasers with a quick email

Need to update event ticket holders on a change in plans? Quickly send emails to those that have donated or bought a ticket on a specific Event page.

In donor management under the Campaigns page, you can send an email to ticket holders by clicking the down arrow next to Edit and then selecting "Email # Supporters"

Keep tabs on donor management tasks in your digital calendar

You don't have to leave the comfort of your calendar in order to view the upcoming tasks in your Donor Management System. Just click on the "Subscribe" button on the main Tasks screen and follow the steps to have the tasks show up in your calendar.

Find all our COVID-19 resources and past webinar recordings

Click on the COVID-19 resources button in the top right of your fundraising software to access COVID-19 related resources and webinar recordings.


Reuse a form you already created

Need to reuse a form? No problem! You can now duplicate a form instead of starting from scratch. You can also duplicate a form and make edits. You can see the duplicate option under the drop-down menu next to the Edit option on the Forms page inside donor management.

Record and send a personal video message from your desktop/laptop

We heard your feedback about only being able to record personal video messages on your phone: You can now use your computer’s built-in camera to record personal video messages on your desktop computer! Make sure you have pop-ups enabled and give your browser permission to access the camera when prompted.


Easily access Network for Good invoices 

Supervisor level admins can now access Network for Good invoices in the Billing Info section of Donor Management.

Know if a donor viewed your video acknowledgement 

Want to know if a donor viewed your video thank you? You can now see this information in the recent activity feed on the dashboard as well as the individual donor record.

Peer-to-Peer main campaign page update

We heard your feedback! Home pages for your peer-to-peer campaigns now spotlight overall progress to goal as well as a more prominent donate button.


Never lose imported or exported data 

In the settings menu you will now be able to access your full list of files imported into the system as well as exports from the system. Note: only user roles that have access to imports and exports will see these menu options. 

Sync credit card processing fees into QuickBooks Online

You can now map credit card fees into your QuickBooks Online account through the integration with your Network for Good Donor Management System. To sync the fees, edit your mapping settings in Donor Management.

Want to learn more about the QuickBooks Online Integration? Read the FAQs.

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