Why am I getting a new Email Editor?  

We are now upgrading all customers to the Advanced Email Editor. We want all of our customers to have the same great experience when creating and sending Email Blasts.  

Why didn’t I have this email Editor originally? 

Some customers bought our Donor Management System before the Advanced Email Editor was available. Other customers opted for a subscription package that did not include the Advanced Email Editor. We are now upgrading all customers free of charge.  

How do I transition to the Advanced Email Editor?  

There’s nothing you need to do. The transition is automatic. When you create a new email, you will be doing so in the Advanced Email Editor  

What if I have questions about how to use the Advanced Email Editor?  

Attend our training session on Email Blasts to familiarize yourself with the editor. This training is offered during two different times each week.  

What happens if I duplicate old emails that were created before I had access to the Advanced Email Editor?  

If you duplicate a previously sent email that was created with the Basic Email Editor, you will open the duplicate email in the old editor. We recommend starting from scratch and building your templates in the Advanced Email Editor, so you have all your commonly sent emails ready to go!  

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