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About the QuickBooks Online integration
About the QuickBooks Online integration
Learn how your Network for Good Donor Management System integrates with your QuickBooks Online account.
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The integration between Network for Good Donor Management and QuickBooks Online was designed with nonprofit accounting best practices in mind. We worked in collaboration with professional nonprofit accountants to develop this integration and make reconciliation easier for your nonprofit.

Please take a moment to read some of the important things to know about the integration below.

Enable the QuickBooks Online integration

In your Donor Management System click on Settings > Your Organization and scroll down to the QuickBooks Online Integration section to enable it for your account.

Donor Management is your system of record
This integration simplifies your life by allowing your Network for Good Donor Management System to be your one and only system of record. This means that all donor data lives in Network for Good and only necessary financial data travels into QuickBooks Online. As Intuit states on their website, "Utilizing the right donor software for your nonprofit allows you to store contact information for donors so that you can communicate with them regularly and efficiently."

One-way sync
The integration is designed to move financial data from Donor Management into QuickBooks Online. This means that all transactions such as donations and ticket purchases should be entered only into Donor Management. Edits made in QuickBooks Online will not sync to Donor Management.

Transactions are grouped into sales receipts by date and payment method
When transactions are synced from Donor Management to QuickBooks Online the transactions will be automatically grouped into one or multiple sales receipts in Quickbooks Online based on the date of the transaction and the type of payment method. (Example: if you sync over two transactions that were added to your Donor Management System today and one of them was received offline while the other came through online then two separate sales receipts will appear in QuickBooks Online after the sync is complete.)

Full control
You have full control over what transactions sync from Donor Management into QuickBooks Online. You simply select the desired transactions and within moments they will appear in your QuickBooks Online account.

Automatic mappings
Not only do you control what transactions sync from Donor Management into QuickBooks Online, but you also have full control over where they sync. To save time, you can automatically map donations from individuals and organizations, ticket purchases, campaigns and designations to products/services and classes in QuickBooks Online. You can even map transaction fees to the appropriate place in QuickBooks Online!

Sales receipt details in Donor Management
Need to get more visibility into what transactions make up a sales receipt in QuickBooks Online? No problem, just log in to Donor Management, find the sales receipt and view all individual transaction details.

'NFG Disbursement' payment method
Chances are you receive donations that are processed through Network for Good. Reconciling these donations inside of QuickBooks Online can be challenging. To make this easier, we automatically group these transactions into sales receipts under a payment method called "NFG Disbursement" in QuickBooks Online. This will allow you to quickly identify all sales receipts within each disbursement you receive from Network for Good.

Admin role for bookkeepers and accountants
Give your bookkeeper and accountant direct access to Donor Management to input donations, sync transactions to QuickBooks Online and quickly find details for sales receipts and individual transactions to assist in closing the books and reconciliation.

Send year-end giving statements from Donor Management
Have you been storing all of your donor information in QuickBooks Online and sending year-end giving (tax) statements to your donors from QuickBooks? If so, not to worry. We make this painful task easy to do from Donor Management come January.

Handling refunds
If a donation or ticket purchase was refunded via Network for Good then you will need to make the necessary updates in QuickBooks Online to reflect this refund.

Ready to get started?
The first step is to authenticate your QuickBooks Online account with your Network for Good Donor Management System. To get started, login to your Donor Management System and click on Settings and you will see the QuickBooks Online option. The first time that you click on this you will be taken through the setup process. Click here for a help article all about setting up the QuickBooks Online integration.

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