Setting Up Text-Messaging Access

How to request access to send your contacts text messages - and for them to be able to donate or pledge directly from their phone.

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Your Donor Management system can send mass text messages to groups of contacts you select. This is a great way to remind Annual Gala attendees of event details, or to alert donors that your campaign is close to reaching its goal.

Our Support Team does need to enable this feature for you, so please follow these quick steps to request access:

First, click the "Communication" tab. Then, select "Text Messages" from the drop-down options.

Next, enter your name, your organization's name, your email address, and some additional details of how you’d like to use text messaging.

The details are just for internal use, so we can continue to improve our products based on your usage and feedback.

To complete this process, click "Submit" - we’ll be in touch to let you know when your bulk text messaging features are ready to go!

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