I'd like to launch both plans at once so I can take a look at the email templates. How do I do that?

You can go back to your dashboard and click the banner again to view the plan that is not yet launched. Once you launch both plans, both sets of tasks will be available for you to view.

How do you choose the audience for the emails?

We automatically generate the audience for you so there is no need to create a filter or group! Any contact in your Donor Management System with a valid email address who has not made a donation since June 1, 2020 will be included in the email audience. Any recent donor (defined as someone who has donated between now and June 1) will be excluded from the email list.

How can I edit the audiences for the email lists?

Once the first email is sent, future emails will go to anyone in that group unless a contact either 1.) unsubscribes or 2.) makes a donation. You can add and remove contacts from the automatically generated lists by opening the next communication you want to send, then click “recipients” and “edit recipients.” Once you add a contact to your automatically generated list, that contact will receive all communications included in the engagement plan going forward. Removing a contact from your automatically generated list will prohibit that contact from receiving a communication going forward.

What happens when someone donates? Will they get the next email in the plan?

Once someone donates, they will be automatically removed from the engagement plan list. They will not receive any of the future emails.

I want to be able to have more control over the audiences for each email sent, how do I do that?

Because this plan is made to be very simple and "out-of-the-box" we wanted to make segmentation super easy for all customers. However, if you'd like to use the templates and set your own audiences (i.e. removing major donors, or maybe sending a different version to lapsed donors) you can just copy the template text and paste it in a new email that you can build from scratch. Creating the email yourself ensures that you have more flexibility in the audiences that you use for each email.

How can our team collaborate on the plans?

The tasks are auto-assigned to the admin that kicked off the plan, but any admin can see the tasks under the top bar "Tasks" menu. Tasks can also be re-assigned if desired. Once an email is created from one of the tasks, any admin can access/edit the email.

Do I have to use all of these emails in the plan?

Not at all! Use the templates and timeline you think will work best with your audience.

What happens when I kick off the plan? Where do I revisit the tasks?

Once the tasks have been created for the site, they will show under the "Tasks" menu. They will be assigned to the person who kicked it off. However, any admin can see the tasks under the top bar "Tasks" menu, and tasks can be reassigned if desired.

How can I get the banner to reappear if it's gone?

There's no need to get it back to access the plan! It's most likely gone from your dashboard because another admin has kicked off the tasks. Any admin can see the tasks under the top bar "Tasks" menu.

Why don't I have the green banner?

Either someone at your organization has already kicked off the tasks or you don't meet the criteria of having at least 25 contacts with email addresses for the banner to show up. The plan will not be effective if you don't have email addresses in your system as the templates are all email-based.

I kicked off the plan, but I want the tasks to show up in someone else's task list. How do I do that? (Or, someone else kicked off the plan, and I want the tasks in my task list!)

You can just reassign the tasks to the person you want to own the engagement plan!

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