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Legacy Auctions FAQ - Data Transfer Into Donor Management
Legacy Auctions FAQ - Data Transfer Into Donor Management

Common questions and answers about the Legacy Auctions data transfer to your Donor Management system.

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This article pertains to our "Legacy" Auction pages. As of December 2022, we are no longer offering the opportunity to purchase new Legacy Auction pages, and customers should utilize our new Auctions pages instead.

Please click here to schedule a call with one of our team members if you are interesting in learning more.

Congratulations on a successful auction! After you've collected all payments from winning bidders and you're ready for the Network for Good team to transfer your auction data into Donor Management, simply click the button at the top of the bidders page inside the Legacy Auctions platform to start the process.

After you fill out the form, our team will work from their queue of requests to export your data from your auctions and format it for import into your Donor Management System.

Processing times for a Legacy Auction data import request may vary and depends on several factors. We appreciate your patience and are happy to answer any questions you have about this process.

How will a bidder's information appear in Donor Management?

If you choose to transfer all bidders' information into Donor Management, they will be added as contact records. We will make it easy for you to segment these supporters by adding them to a group with a title like this: NFGAuctions: May 2021

How will a winning bidder's financial gift appear in Donor Management?

If you chose to transfer all winning bidders' information into Donor Management, they will be added as donation records attached to the supporter's contact record in Donor Management. To make segmentation easy, we will add all of these donations into a campaign titled like this: NFGAuctions: May 2021. There will also be fair market value details and other auction item notes added in Donation Notes.

For example, if Lisa Stokes was the winning bidder on a cutting board with a fair market value of $45, her donation (winning bid) would appear in Donor Management like this:

How will an Item Donor's Information Appear in Donor Management?

To help you keep track of items that supporters donated to your auction, they will be added to donor management as an in-kind gift with the value of the donated item in the fair market value field. All in-kind gifts are always recorded as zero-dollar contributions as they were not made as a financial (cash/check etc) gift to your organization.

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