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How does a Bidder reset a forgotten password?

If a Bidder needs to reset their password, they first need to navigate to your auction.

A link to your auction can be found in either the Bidder Welcome message they received when they signed up, or through other communications you may have sent to your participants.

Once the Bidder has located your auction, they should see a tab towards the top-left of their screen titled “My Bids.”

The Bidder can click on the option for “My Bids,” which will redirect them to a “Bidder Login Page.”

The Bidder should be able to click on the blue “Forgot your password” link below the login field, and then follow the prompts to securely reset their password.

How does a Bidder recover a forgotten Bidder Number?

If a Bidder can’t remember their Bidder Number, they can follow the steps above regarding how to reset a forgotten password. When they reach the “Bidder Login Page,” they’ll click the “Forgot your Bidder Number” link next to the “Forgot Password” link.

They should then be able follow the prompts to recover their Bidder Number.

How does a Bidder make a bid on an auction item?

From the auction’s main page, a Bidder can view and scroll through all of the available auction items. To make a bid online, the Bidder can click on the “See Item Details” to directly open up the item’s page.

From this screen, the Bidder can click on the “Place a Bid” button.

The Bidder will then be prompted to enter their Bidder Number, then click on the “Lookup” option.

The screen will then “refresh” with the Bidder’s personal information, as well as the option to increase the bid further (if desired).

The Bidder can then click on the “Place Bid” button to confirm the bid and will then be redirected to the auction’s main page where they will see a green confirmation banner at the top of their screen.

How can a Bidder see the items they’ve made bids on?

A Bidder can see all of the items they’ve currently made bids on by clicking on the “My Bids” tab in the top right corner of their screen, when viewing the auction’s main page.

The Bidder will then be prompted to log in. When they log in, they should then see their “Bidder Dashboard”, which includes their current bids and a sum of their total financial commitment.

Can a Bidder make a list of the items they’re most interested in?

Yes! A Bidder can make a “My Favorites” list that they can access and view from their Bidder Dashboard.

To “favorite” an item, a Bidder can select the small gray star icon next to the item’s name in the Item Title field. This will add the item to the “My Favorites” list.

To remove the item from that list a Bidder can click the star again, changing it from yellow back to gray.

What happens if a Bidder makes an “accidental” bid on an item?

Sometimes accidents happen and a Bidder might make a bid that they didn’t intend to. You, as the nonprofit, have the ability (and discretion!) to remove one of those bids, if needed.

When that happens, you can search for the specific Bidder by name or Bidder Number under the “Bidders” option for your auction, and click on “Manage Payments” to confirm that an accidental bid was placed.

Once you have confirmed the bid was made, you can then go back to the Admin Dashboard and click on the “Auction Items” option, and then locate that item where the accidental bid was made.

You can then click on the “Manage Item Bids” option listed next to the item. You should see a small blue trash can icon to the right of each bid. If you click on that icon, it will delete that bid from both the item and the Bidder’s records.

How does a Bidder pay for the items they’ve won?

Bidders have the option to “Self-Checkout,” which allows them to directly pay for any auction items they’ve won. Once a Bidder has received their Checkout Notice via phone or email address they can click on the link included in the notice or they can access this directly from their “My Bids” page.

From the “My Bids” page, the Bidder can click on the “Self-Checkout” option where they’ll then be prompted to add their credit card information. Once they click the option to “Charge Card,” the transaction will be processed securely using Stripe.

Note: The “Self-Checkout” option will only be available on the “My Bids” page once the auction has completely ended.

How does a Bidder get their auction items after they’ve paid?

Since the nonprofit organization will have their physical auction items in their possession, it’s up to the nonprofit to provide further communication to auction winners. We recommend proactively reaching out to your auction winners directly to coordinate that process once the auction is over!

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