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Why Isn't My Legacy Auction Showing Up On My Essential Events Page?
Why Isn't My Legacy Auction Showing Up On My Essential Events Page?
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This article pertains to our "Legacy" Auction pages. As of December 2022, we are no longer offering the opportunity to purchase new Legacy Auction pages, and customers should utilize our new Auctions pages instead.

Please click here to schedule a call with one of our team members if you are interesting in learning more.

One of the most beneficial features of our Essential Events and Legacy Auctions pages are their ability to work together to make your event an even bigger success. You've linked your auction internally to your Essential Events page, but wait - you can't seem to find that "View ## Auction Items" button anywhere!

Why might this have happened? Read below to find out the most common reasons.

Your Legacy Auction hasn't started yet.

The button that links your Legacy Auctions page to your Essential Events page will only be available for your event participants once the auction is active.

In other words, if you share your Essential Events page to your donors on October 1st, but your auction is not set to go active until November 1st, then the auction button will not appear on the page until that November 1st date.

If you need to adjust the auction's dates, you can do so under the "Edit Auction Info" tab in your Network for Good Auction Dashboard.

Your Essential Event that's utilizing the livestream functionality is "Live".

When a Network for Good Essential Events page is set to "Live" status, the page will temporarily remove that auction button from the display until the page is returned to either "Pre-Event" or "Post-Event" status.

This is because when an Essential Events page is "live," we've built in best practices to help keep your donors engaged and focused on the live portion of the event. You'll want your donors to spend that period of time watching your live content and interacting via the live chat (and donating, too!).

Note: The auction will still be active and participants will still be able to bid during the live portion of an event. Your donors can access it through the link to your auction that you've shared with your donors previously, if they wish to bid at that time.

Your Auction may not have been linked correctly.

When linking your Legacy Auction to your Essential Events page internally, you'll be prompted to provide your "Auction ID". (That Auction ID can be found under "Edit Auction Info" in your Auctions Dashboard.)

If you enter the entire URL or link to your Legacy Auction, then the auction won't populate or reflect correctly for you or your donors. You only need to enter the Auction ID - not the whole URL!

If you are still experiencing issues with the link between your Essential Events page and your Legacy Auctions page, please reach out to the Solutions Team for further assistance.

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