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How to Connect Your Legacy Auction to Your Essential Events Page
How to Connect Your Legacy Auction to Your Essential Events Page
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This article pertains to our "Legacy" Auction pages. As of December 2022, we are no longer offering the opportunity to purchase new Legacy Auction pages, and customers should utilize our new Auctions pages instead.

Please click here to schedule a call with one of our team members if you are interesting in learning more.

One of the coolest features about our new Essential Events pages is the ability to link your Network for Good Legacy Auctions page both internally (for your reference) and externally, for your event participants to easily access.

How do I connect my Legacy Auction to my Essential Events page?

To connect your Legacy Auction to your Essential Events page, you'll want to navigate to your Event Overview in Fundraising Pages.

You should see a box in the middle of the Event Overview page titled "Auction."

If you click on the "Connect an Auction to this Event" button, you should then be prompted to add the "Auction ID" to link the Essential Event and Legacy Auction pages together.

Where can I find my Auction ID?

Your Auction ID can be found on your Legacy Auction Page, under the "Edit Auction Info" tab. There is a section titled "Auction Access" where the Auction Login ID (or Auction ID) can be found.

What will my participants see on my Essential Events page?

When your Legacy Auctions page is set to go active (between the start date and end date of your auction), your Event participants will see a button on the Essential Events page to "browse and bid on ## auction items!"

If you are using the livestream functionality, in order to keep your audience engaged with your livestream content when your livestream is set to "Live," this button will temporarily not appear on your page during that "Live" status. It will reappear once again after you have set your livestream status to "Post-Event" status, once your livestream has concluded.

What will my team see internally?

Internally, you and your nonprofit team will be able to see how much your Legacy Auction has raised thus far, and you'll be able to access your Legacy Auction page in one click!

Note: At this time, the money raised through your Legacy Auction page will not reflect immediately in your donation goal thermometer on your Essential Events page. After your Legacy Auction has concluded, you can use these steps to import your Auctions donations into your Donor Management System so they're included in your campaign totals.

Why isn't my Legacy Auction showing up on my Essential Events page?

There are a couple of reasons that your Legacy Auction may not be reflecting on your Essential Events page, even after you've linked it internally. For common reasons as to why this may have happened, check out our related article here!

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