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All About Auctions
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Great news! We’ve upgraded our new Auctions product with a brand-new look and feel, and made it easy to create, manage, and run your auctions all from one location – your Donor Management system!

The new Auctions platform will soon seamlessly integrate with our suite of All-In-One products, so you can easily access all of your auction-related information right within Donor Management. This makes it easier for our team to support all your auction-related needs in advance (and the day of!).

Our Auctions platform helps eliminate the need for cumbersome paper bidding sheets and time-consuming bidder checkout lines. Notifications and updates on bids and self-checkout instructions are sent directly to your bidder’s phone for added ease.

To access Auctions, login to Donor Management and click on the “My Tools” button towards the top right corner of your screen, then select the option for “Auctions” from the drop-down menu.

With 95% of nonprofits running at least one event per year, and with half of those including a concurrent auction running alongside the event, our Auctions platform helps you reach supporters in real-time - and more easily integrate your auctions data with the rest of your Network for Good products.

What makes 92% of our bidders prefer our software over traditional silent auctions?

  • The ability to sign up quickly and easily – no username and passwords needed!

  • The ability to keep track of their ongoing bids and make a “wish list” of items

  • The ability to receive bidding notifications (like if they’ve been outbid) to their phone

  • The ability to self-checkout for their winning bids

  • The ability to automatically integrate your Auctions data with your All-In-One suite of products

  • The ability to integrate with Stripe as a payment processor

  • The ability to easily export your items and winning bids after the auction ends

  • The ability to control the order in which items display

  • The ability to participate from anywhere!

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