You just ran the most amazing fundraising might be feeling ready to create 3 or 4 more donation pages!

Your subscription level with Network for Good will determine if you can have multiple donation pages active at once. 

If you bought a bundled deal with Donor Management, Everyday Giving, and/or Peer to Peer, you aren't limited as to how many pages you can create! Contact us if you have questions about your current subscription.

Before you go hog-wild, there are some important things to consider.

Number 1...

Do you really have the time to support multiple campaigns at once? If you're finding yourself scrambling to post regularly on Facebook, you probably shouldn't bite off more than you can chew. Each campaign takes planning and care, so be sure you've got enough time to devote to each one.

Number 2...

If you're asking yourself "What's collateral?!" you should hold up before you create multiple campaigns.

In marketing, collateral is the collection of media (images, social media posts, supporting stories, email blasts) that will help convince your donors to give. 

It's important to remember that every campaign page needs dedicated marketing effort to drive traffic and donations. You not only need images and content for your donation page, you need content for social media posts, letters, email blasts, and any other channel you'll use to reach donors.

Number 3...

Sometimes multiple campaigns just make sense. You might have an upcoming event, while you simultaneously need to raise funds for a specific project. End of year giving may overlap with your efforts to feed families at Thanksgiving. 

If you're struggling to articulate a clear reason for each concurrent campaign, you may be trying to do too much! Your messaging should be clear enough that your supporters don't get confused about your priorities.

Most of all, avoid soliciting the same donor twice in a row, before you've thanked them warmly (several times!) 

For additional advice about mapping out a winning campaign, check out this Campaign Planning Guide. Happy campaigning!

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