We get this question all the time:

Does Donor Management replace or integrate with my accounting software?

The short answer is no, because Donor Management isn't accounting software, it's a Relationship Management System. The most important thing to this program is your relationship with your donor - not dollars and cents. 

Note: We do currently host an integration with Quickbooks Online.

For more information on that integration, click here!

Let's dig deeper on what this Relationship Management System means for your accountant!

Donor Management doesn't reflect dollars in/dollars out.

Have you ever noticed that you don't often see uneven amounts in Donor Management? A $50 donation is a $50 donation, whether or not the donor chose to cover the credit card processing fee. 

That's because from the donor's perspective, they gave you $50. They don't care that $1.50 went to credit card fees - they want to be acknowledged as having given $50.

And of course, our system only tracks money that has been made, not how it's spent. Definitely don't cancel your QuickBooks!

If your accountant is looking for a detailed disbursement report for all your Network for Good credit card transactions, we recommend having them create an account using your EIN on this page

If you've already set up this account, you can add your accountant under My Account info> Edit Admin Contacts. 

Once they have been added as a contact, they can then pull reports to their heart's content under Donations.

We recommend pulling a report for a whole calendar month at a time, since that's what will be reflected in one disbursement check.  For example, all the donations for April 1 - April 30 will be included in the May 15 disbursement.  Here are some important things to note about the resulting report to reconcile your books.

You can pull cash/check reports too!

If it saves you time & duplication of effort, you can easily pull a report that will reflect your cash and check donations from Donor Management. The report can be exported to Excel and handed over to your accountant to upload into their software.

Here's how!

First click Giving, and Create Filter.

Then build this filter.

A couple important things to note:

  • First, choose Date Added greater than {Date last report was pulled}. This condition will need to change every time you pull this report.

  • Then choose Add Grouping. A grouping allows you to do more complex logical statements, and displays as a dotted line around your grouped conditions.

  • Within the group, we're saying this condition has been met if the Payment Method equals either Cash or Check. We do this by toggling the All drop down to say Any (as in, if any of these conditions are met, this larger condition is true.)  

  • Make sure the final Any/All dropdown is set to All - that way we'll look only at recent donations who match your selected payment types.

If you have additional questions about wrangling accounting and Donor Management, give us a shout at success@networkforgood.com!

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