Do you have a template we can utilize to make sure our donations and donor data are formatted correctly?

We do! You can find a downloadable version of that template here.

What if my file contains contact types other than individuals such as businesses?
Our team will take care of importing any contacts that are not individuals for you. When you go to Contacts or Giving and click the Import button you will have the option to send files to Network for Good to be imported. If you would like to go ahead and import the contacts that are individuals and submit all other contacts to us that is fine. We'll make sure these contacts (and their corresponding point of contacts) are imported correctly.

What happens if my data is not imported as expected? Can I delete them later?
Yes. Worst-case scenario, we can delete all donations from your import. Some contacts may not be deletable if they have prior activity such as previous donation history. Go ahead, proceed without fear!

Do I have to split full names and addresses into separate columns (e.g. first name, last name)?
No, you don't have to worry about that. The importer will automatically split full names and full addresses. If your names and addresses are already in separate columns, that's no problem either.

Are any fields required for import?
If you are importing Contacts the only information required is first name. If you are importing Donations, be sure you have the amount, payment method (e.g. check, credit card, cash, etc.) and donation date.

What happens if my file contains duplicate contact records?
The import process will automatically merge Contacts when email addresses match OR when the full name and address match. If just the name or partial name and address matches these contacts will be flagged as potential duplicates and ready for you to review once the import process is complete.

How do I put people into a household?
Individual Contacts who share a home address will automatically be put into the same household. You can upload the household name as well as the formal and informal greetings for a household with your Contacts. In the import file you can also designate one of the contacts as the head of the household.

Can I import custom fields?
Yes, you can import custom fields into Donor Management for Contacts. First, add the custom fields to Donor Management (if they don't already exist) by going to Settings > Custom Fields. Once you've added your custom fields, you can map your columns to them when setting up your import.

Can I import contacts into groups?
Yes, you can add Contacts to groups during imports. First, add a new group to Donor Management (if it doesn't exist already). Then, make sure you have a column in your spreadsheet for each group you want to import to. Map that column to the group in Donor Management during the import process. You can also add Contacts to a group from the Contacts screen at any time. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial. 

Are addresses automatically abbreviated when imported into my system? Such as Boulevard to Blvd., Street to St., etc.?

Yes, street names are automatically abbreviated once uploaded to your donor management system, even if they are fully spelled out in your import sheet. This helps ensure all addresses are acruate and match up to USPS records, as well as helps reduce duplicates.

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