Did you lose your password? Or did you forget your password? Or maybe you want to change your password? It's easy to change your password by yourself in the web dashboard before you go out to the field.

👉 We recommend checking that every user can log into the Felix app and sync before going out to the field to survey. Here's how to log into the app.

Here's how to reset your password if you lost it or want to change it using the web dashboard.


1. Go to https://app.felixdata.com/ and click "Forgot your password?"

2. Enter your email and click "Request Reset Link." This will send a link to your email to change your password. 

3. Check your email. You will have an email from New Story that looks like this. Click on "Change my password."

4. Change your password. *Try something that you will remember!* It should be at least six characters. Then type your new password again. Click on "Change My Password." 

5. You're logged in! Before you walk away from your desk, log in to the Felix App on your phone and make sure your new password works. 

New Story Onboarding & Support Team

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