We're super happy and thankful that you're trying NewGlue and hope you like your experience so far. 

Here are some easy tricks you can do to sell your logos faster on NewGlue, and earn 100% on every sale.

Increase visibility

  • As you might know, you earn 100% on all your logos sold via your magic affiliate link. 
  • Go to your Designer Account to set this up.
  • Spread the love by sharing your magic link across your social media channels (Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, and Twitter) to get maximum exposure and visibility of your profile.

Improve Your SEO

  • Backlinks are super important to help your profile rank higher in Google's search, which will drive more traffic to your profile. Embed your link on your homepage in the About Me or Portfolio section. This will create a follow backlink and improve your profile's SEO.

Receive Your Reward

  • We want to reward you for sharing your profile by giving you up to $225 in credit for your personal Google Adwords campaign to your magic link

Here's how

  • Send and email to lucas@newglue.com with a screenshot of your magic link shared on your Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, and Twitter and you receive $25 for each share for a total of $125.
  • Earn an additional $100 if you insert your magic link on your homepage to create a follow backlink.

For the Adwords credit to be issued, your profile needs to have at least 20 published logos. So, make sure to upload some more beautiful icons soon.

Please let me if you have any questions. I'm always available via email and happy to jump on a call anytime.

Stay awesome,

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