At NewGlue, we work closely with our designers. If you’re interested in joining NewGlue and sell your logos on our platform you need to fill out a designer application. The application can be found here.

Why doesn't NewGlue allow everyone to join?

NewGlue aims to be the highest quality logo marketplace online. Therefore we only work with professional logo designers. We take fraudulent behaviour and stolen logos very seriously and take legal actions against users that try to sell logos that is not their original work. We might require additional information such as a copy of your ID/passport or home address.

What is NewGlue's criteria when reviewing a portfolio?

Your portfolio should showcase a variation of logo designs, created by you (preferably not uploaded in the last few days). We are more likely to approve portfolios that include many logos and logos of high quality. Below are some examples to give you an idea of what we consider a high quality and unique logo.

Timeframe for an application 

After your application is sent, it normally takes 4-5 business days for us to review and reply to your application via e-mail. Depending on the amount of applications this timeframe may vary.  

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