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Is Providing a By-line Necessary?
Is Providing a By-line Necessary?
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The requirement for submitting by-lines has been updated, and it will now be necessary only in special cases.

What Is a By-Line?

A by-line serves to credit the author of an article. For instance, "By: John Stevenson" is a typical example of a by-line, usually inserted under the Photo Credit of your featured image.

There are two instances where a by-line might be required:

  1. Submission of an Interview Article.

  2. Articles submitted with inserted quotes that give the impression of an interview between an interviewer and the subject.

Examples of Inserted Quotes Requiring By-Lines:

  1. "This year is going to be a great year for us all. We are looking forward to the big changes happening and are excited to bring everyone in on what we’ve been working on!" said Oliver.

  2. "These are the best donuts money can buy! You’d have to be crazy to go anywhere else for your fix of honey-glazed donuts!" Simon shared.

Please note that we can accept the insertion of such quotes in your articles without requiring a by-line ONLY if you can hyperlink a source to where the quote was originally said.

Why Are By-Lines Required for Specific Article Types?

The absence of a byline in an interview article or an article containing quotes implies that our publishing partners interviewed the subject, attributing the opinions in the article to us. Therefore, we require a byline to maintain transparency and accurately credit the authorship of the content published.

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