The following steps will show you how to add anyone as an Observer to your account so they can have view only access of your account. 

1. Visit the Settings page. 

Settings is in the bottom left corner of your screen.
If you do not see the settings icon, it means your role is set to Managee and do not have permission to complete these steps.

2. In Settings, click on Invite User. 

3. Enter the information for the person you wish to invite, choose their team(s) and assign their role to be an Observer. 

This will allow them to have VIEW ONLY access of your account. 

Once you click ADD, you are done!

If they already have an account they can log into their existing account to navigate to your company. If they do not have an account yet, the will receive an email.

The Observer role is free, and you will not be able to assign them content or add them to the Accountability Chart. They will not be able to add or edit any content in your account, but they are able to export documents.

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