To remove a user from your account, first re-assign their data so no content you want to keep gets deleted. Then you are free to delete the user to remove their access from the account. 

Deleting a user will automatically remove them from your monthly billing.

Re-Assign Data

 Visit the Rocks, To-do's, and Issues pages to see if any content is assigned to the user you are deleting. If content is assigned to that user, change the owner to a user that will remain there.

Delete the User

With all content re-assigned, visit the Settings page, Users tab and click the trash can icon next to their name.

You will only have this permission if you are an Owner or Admin. Managers also have permission to delete Managees and Observers.

The deleted user will no longer be able to access the account through their log in.

Don't see the person on the Settings page? That means they have not been invited, so they are just on the People Directory. Visit the People Directory, click on the users name, and click Remove Person.

Need to add a new person? Easily add a new person to your People Directory!

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